Storytelling & Effortless Imagery For those who want to capture what it FELT like


Picture this: It's the best day of your life; every single most important person in your life is there. And then, the person you hired to capture it all is a stranger. You know their name and that they can do their job, but that's it. NOT ME, though. I want us to connect on more than a transactional level. I want you to resonate with me and trust that I'll capture what that day was, what it felt like, the magic in the air, the love everyone felt. That I won't just be your photographer, but another friend there to celebrate you and your day.

I'm not your average wedding photographer; I'm not just here to take your wedding photos. I'm here to be your friend, like forever.

There is no 'not photogenic,' not to me.

Every single person deserves to feel beautiful, seen, and captured as authentically themselves. From a young age, I've always felt strongly about caring for others in any and all aspects. That part of me heavily influences how I work and why I do what I do. I'm here to uplift you and make you feel like the most beautiful and confident version of yourself while you're in front of my camera.

I've loved documenting since my earliest days journals, photos, specifically created playlist to encapsulate that time in my life. Instead of trying to create a moment I was constantly trying to preserve it. On top of being an addict to the feeling of nostalgia I've been a hopeless romantic since day 1 always daydreaming. That's why I love photographing weddings. I get to capture that feeling of love, nostalgia and all your day dreams coming to life and making them into a forever piece of art a moment stopped in time!

"Taking pictures is like tiptoeing into the kitchen late at night and stealing oreo cookies" -Diane Arbus 


Sarah is so talented and looking at her work honestly gives me the chills. We recently got our wedding pictures back & I was literally in awe of how beautifully she captured our day. The pictures were perfect and we had so much fun with her the day of she again made us feel so comfortable & confident. If you’re looking for a photographer please book with Sarah you will not regret it!

"I just had a good feeling about her, We had so much fun that by the end of it I felt like we gained a new friend."


I'm so glad that I stumbled across Sarah on instagram. Easily the best experience with a photographer to date! I booked her for my engagement shoot and it exceeded my expectations! Sarah was super personable, she made sure everyone was comfortable and enjoying the experience. I was so pleased with my engagement session and final photographs. We will be forever grateful for the beautiful images Sarah captured.

"Easily the best experience with a photographer to date!"


I knew for my wedding, I wanted to find someone who would capture how special marriage is my husband and I. Sarah did just that. Sarah made us feel so comfortable during our engagement shoot and our wedding day. She made my husband and i into a piece of artwork with her photography. We love how easy it was to talk to her as she captured those special moments.

"She made my husband and I into a piece of artwork with her photography!"